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GroupIN is a platform where you can work in a collaborative environment securely and privately with your compatible associates.

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“It is the long history of humankind that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

Charles Darwin.

GroupIN Features

GroupIn safeguards your digital communications and assets. We bring you a versatile tool packed with features to blend and benefit your company’s work style.


With the necessary approval of admin to join a group, you can have your own private groups which are hidden from others.


Low price, High influence. Have a potentially huge impact on your clients at lower costs by engaging with them more through chat apps instead of the SMS services.


A smart calendar that intelligently reminds you of your busy schedules by bridging your professional and personal gaps by combining all your events and tasks on a single platform.


With our end-to-end encryption, you will be safe when no email id and no personal numbers are shared with anyone.


All the chats, archives, files are in sync and are available on the same space/platform where you collaborate so you can collectively work together.


Connect profoundly with your loved ones or your peers by cutomizing your own stickers and organizing your own sticker library.

Your growth. Just more to it.

Our Solutions

At GroupIN we are committed to providing the basic means of building connections to drive your business to success, which is, communication. Our communication platform services help you build and scale your business globally. We believe that communication is the key to multiply connections and so, we provide you a strong base to lay your foundation which can never be uprooted.

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